Wireless in business has become a standard and expected solution. Whether you are looking for secure, professional Wi-Fi for your office or looking to extend your network to multiple offices, our team can help. Entouch Communications technical staff are trained and qualified to design and implement wireless systems that can accommodate small offices to large infrastructures such as agricultural, municipalities, warehouses, and even multi-mile installations.


When faced with the question whether to run cabling or look at alternative options, point-to-point wireless may be a cost-effective option. Rather than having to dig up streets, lay down pipe, and deal with potential zoning and permitting issues, point-to-point wireless can provide network connectivity without all of the hassles that traditional cable runs can have. Our engineers can plan an end-to-end solution that will be right for your business and meet the needs of your demanding environment.

Secure Wi-Fi

All Wi-Fi is not created equal, if your business is using off the shelf or home-based wireless routers or access points you may be opening yourself up to potential issues, threats, or even hacks. Not only is the security of your company at risk but you also may be hindering the productivity of your staff with network bottlenecks and speed issues. Traditional home-based Wi-Fi solutions were not designed for the security or speed demands required in a business environment. For these reasons it is imperative to have your Wi-Fi evaluated by a professional. The Entouch Communications team can completely evaluate your in-office wireless and provide business-grade solutions, eliminate dead spots, ensure network security, and increase overall Wi-Fi speeds.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and enterprise manufacturers, we can design a wireless system that fits your needs, all without crushing your budget!

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